Minus 109

Your Favorite Farmer's Fruit,

More Bubblier. 

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What does that mean? 

The name is an homage to the freezing point of CO2, an integral component to the process and product. 

Minus 109 takes high quality, sustainably grown fruit from local farmers, and turns it into delicious carbonated fruit.

We aim to offer a healthy and exciting alternative to conventional snacks & beverages. We use high quality, locally grown fruits and a simple carbonation process to create products that are healthy, clean and unadulterated.

Snack time or social hour- Minus 109 fruits will make life a bit more bubblier.

Put good in,

Get good out. 

This phrase embodies our sourcing philosophy, 
When we look to source our high quality fruits, we aren't just on the search for the lowest price on the market. 

-We are only interested in fruit that is consistently high quality- fresh, flavorful, and ripe.

-Fruits are sourced from farms who use environmentally responsible and sustainable growing and harvesting methods.

-Fruits sourced are grown and harvested on farmland in Oregon or Washington.



Why Source Local Fruits? 

After all, you can get strawberries in the middle of January from South America..

You can, and that is nice, but we only source local fruits that are in season, with few exceptions. The reason behind this is partially a personal commitment to eat local, but also because we truly believe that when you put good in you get good out.

The carbonation process relies on having super juicy fruits. The juice inside the fruit is the actual thing being carbonated, so the juicier the fruit, the more bubbly it will be. It happens that fruit which is in season is the juiciest, and we can also get it at a great price when there is an abundance of it. 

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"It's like eating an apple filled with sparkling cider"

—Actual people upon trying Fruit x Minus 109 for the first time.


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Questions we've been asked:

*Fruit Magician!
Fruit is carbonated by employing a simple process called osmosis. Osmosis happens when there are 2 or more items in solution with a membrane seperating them. In this case, that is H20 (inside the fruit) and C02 (on the outside of the fruit). The C02 will pass through the membrane of the fruit until such a point where there is an equal amount of C02 on the outside of the fruit and the inside of the fruit- this is called equilibrium. This process takes between 12 and 14 hours, and results in fruit loaded with C02 and effervescent on the palate.
WE take that bubbly fruit and package it so you can enjoy it at your leisure.
We don't believe in judging a fruit by the way it looks, rather we source our fruits by a measure of a more comprehensive inspection, what we call "physiological ripeness". Physiological ripeness is a measure of the total biological ripeness of the fruit, and not just the color or shape it is displaying, and not just the sugar content, but a total measure of all things that signal a fruits maturity. 


Are you a magician?


How is it made?






What does that mean?






Ingredients & Sources:

Honeycrisp Apples- Kiyokawa Farms, Parkdale, OR

Oregon Grown Kiwis- Kangus Farms, Philamoth, OR

Certified Organic Seascape Strawberries- Denison Farms, Corvallis, OR

Future Sources:

Adelante Mujeres, Tigard OR- @adelantemujeres

Valley Berry Farms, Mollala, OR @valleyberryfarm

Carbon Dioxide- Penguin Ice

Organic Lime Juice (In some instances, as an antioxidant)

Who is

Minus 109?

Fruit for us, fruit for our children, fruit for our children’s children.
— Brandon

I like to think of Minus 109 as more of a network than a guy with a fruit stand. It is a collaboration between the people growing our fruit, our farmers, the people preparing our food, and those benefiting from our fruit, our customers- a community of people who dare to ask "Where does my food come from?". 

All that being said, my name is Brandon- avid fruit enthusiast.  


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Email:                         minus109fruits@gmail.com

We highly value your feedback!

This is a new product for the market, and we aren't really sure what the rules of the game are- so we gladly welcome feedback on everything from sourcing to packaging to service and sales.

If you reach out to us with constructive feedback, we commit to:

A. Respond to thank you for your feedback. 

B: Take that feedback to heart in order to create a better product. 

Email to: minus109fruits@gmail.com

here is what we've heard:

Brandon- This fruit isn't fizzy. 

I've got a lot to learn about the fizz game. One of my most recent learning experiences was in filling cups up for samples only 1/4 of the way, This allowed for the gas in the fruit to escape, leaving a lackluster fruit product. Now- I only ever fill my products all the way to capacity, this way I can promise a delightfully carbonated fruit product every time! Also- it is important to enjoy Minus 109 products very cold, but not frozen, this will ensure the highest concentration of CO2 in the fruit.

How am I supposed to open this? The plastic is so strong..

Heard! I've since situated a fancy bamboo fork in between the label and the seal of the cup. Simply pull the fork up to reveal the seal layer of the lid, and give it a solid jab- this will make a loud popping noise, then run the fork along the rim of the cup to pull the rest of the seal off.

Your farmer's market booth is weak-sauce.

Agreed, I've got a lot of room to grow! Come visit us again and see the new booth developments.